Jun 22, 2010

Easy Weigh Loss

Weigh Loss

How to Diet and keep losing weight to the way you want and happy with your cloth size

If you are looking for way to lose weight, then read this basic and easy information to help you losing weigh easily, this will help you to lose weight and burn fat from your body, without using any weight lose products.

So many people try to lose weight by using so many weight lose products, keep changing and trying different type of weight loss products that said guaranteed their product will help you lose weight and become thin. But the true is you still can’t lose much of your fat out of your body and you are not skinny as much as you want. I don’t think it’s easy to lose weight and become skinny like a teenager if you are 40 years old and up, and if you are not eating right and exercise at least 15 – 30 minutes at least 4 days a week, or if you can eat only two meals a day, only breakfast and lunch but for dinner have only soy milk, juice, yogurt and water, then you will lose a lot of fat and pound and will become skinnier as you want.

I know one Bhikkhuni (woman monk) in South Carolina, she is American women, and working as a lawyer before she become Bhikkuni, back then she is fat (She show me her picture), but now she is skinny like I never think she is fat and big before, I don’t know how long it took her to become so skinny, but I know that most of the foods she ate are Indian foods and little of Thai foods, that's because most people who offered her food are Indian people, and she ate only two times a day (The monk rule) morning and lunch no dinner. So, you can try to do this, it’s not hard, but, if you are hungry you can eat salad, drink a cup of juice, soy milk or low fat milk and water for your dinner and try to avoid heavy meal, not long you will lose some weigh.

People will fat or skinny will depend on the foods they eat. Bread is make you fat more easier than rice.
So try to eat more rice than bread for your meal but should not more than three(3) cups a day, if you don’t like long grain rice then try jasmine rice, jasmine rice is soft and testy than long grain rice and jasmine rice is smell so good.

You can find jasmine rice at any super market store, sometime I brought jasmine rice from Publix, Kroger or Bilo super market, but if you cannot find any at American super market then go to any Asian super market or Asian grocery store, they always have jasmine rice in the store.

Your body don't need a lot of meat, meats hard to digest unlike vegetables. When you cook, consider to add lots of vegetable in your receipt and have a little of meat in your cooking, for the test and protein that your body need, and vegetable is easy to digest then meat, if you can consider eating tofu sometime to replace meat like pork, chicken, etc., tofu is make from soy bean, so you can get protein from tofu like you get protein from meat.

Seafood is good especially fish and salmon, salmon is rich in omega3 and omega6, but everything if it to much then it will not good for your weight, so don’t over load eating and don’t forget to drink lots of water at least 8 cup a day, water is a good drink for all of us, water will help our body to digest foods in your body better than other kind of drink (sorry, if I’m wrong about this, I’m not a doctor), so you should drink water between and after meal even you already drink juice.

Years ago I read a book, cannot remember what is the name of that book and who write it, in the magazine or in a book, but I think an author talk about benefit of water, he said “drink one cup of water after you just woke up in the morning and before you eating anything and before you going to use the bath room and to brush your teeth. because this one(1) cup of water will help you to clean up your stomach and give you an easy bowel movement” and this is true I have done that, it’s work very well with easy bowel movement in the morning every day.

Sometime my kids have a hard time for bowel movement in the bath room, so I have to bring them a cup of water for them to drink while they sitting on a toilet, a few minute after they finished drinking water, they are good to finish and get out from the toilet, no more crying or pushing. You should try to do this, it work!

*** So, If you have a hard time sitting on the toilet, ask someone in your family to bring you a cup of water for you to drink. and you will get up from toilet faster than normally. 

If you don’t want your kids to be fat now or later, these are what you should not feed them and yourself too much

- You should not eat and feed them with bacon and pancake every day
- Don’t eat cheese every day
- Avoid soda, the maximum for soda should not more 3 cup a month
- Only two breads a day
- Don’t eat too much donuts, cake, and cookie.

Add one more thing for adult if you don’t want to have a big stomach then don’t drink beer.

These are what you should eat or drink for your snack after your regular meal or when ever you are hungry

- Always drink 1% or 2% milk
- Eat salad for your snack or dinner
- Yogurt
- All kind of your favorite fruits.
- Juice, soy milk, and/or yogurt and water

So, if you can always do these, you will never worries about your weight and pay more money for an extra large size of cloths or buy an expensive weight lose products.

Consider these before you buy foods to cook for your lunch and dinner.

~*~ If you want to spend $10.00 for pizza, think about how if you can use that money to buy 1 or 2 piece of salmon to eat with rice.

~*~ Publix salad kit is really good too and makes you feel full with just one bag of salads and is only $2.99, the kit includes; salad with dressing and small bag of crunch bread, some time it on sale, buy one get one free, this mean you get two bags of salad kit for only $2.99.

Drink water instead of soda. Do you know soda is cause people to have a bad back ache? and on the women whose like to drink soda will have a real bad back ache on the time they delivering the baby.

*** So, remember to keep you healthy and skinny you must eat right and exercise at least 15 – 30 minutes a day, for at least 3-4 days a week, skinny people it doesn’t mean they are healthy, if they did not eat right and do some exercise, even they in a good shape, look handsome and beautiful, they still can have some health problem. Take care.