Homemade Nose Strip

Egg Pad Nose Strip

This homemade nose strips it's easy to make and safe for your skin, and also save a lot of your money, and it's help to pull out ugly pimples, or blackhead from your nose, and face area beside the nose effectively.

 I like to make my own nose strips during the summer time, than buy a nose strip on the market that’s so expensive, and it doesn't work very well, and it also hurt my nose, it peeled out my skin.

But this nose strip is cost me less than a dollar, and all I need is time, and just a little bit of white egg and one cotton ball that unfolded to make it looks like cotton pad, by make the cotton ball flat and big enough to cover the nose area, then dip a flat cotton sheet or cotton pad into the white egg until it wet, and then cover a nose and face area beside a nose, and let it dry really well before pulling it out, and wash face with soap and cold water.

Every time you do, you will need to wash your face first, before put the egg pad on your nose. If your face not clean, then the egg pad or egg strip will cannot pull a stubborn pimples out from your nose, and if this happen you will have to redo it again, but make sure you will need to wash your face first before put a nose strip on your nose. The second time you do, the egg pad will pulled out the excess oil and pimple really well.


You really need to make sure that you will wait until the cotton pad is dry so well, before pulling it out from your nose, if it not really dry, then the strips will not pull out much of the pimples from your nose, and that will be wasted of your time, because it takes a few hours for the egg pad to dry.

  But if you wait until the egg pad dry really well, you will see a lot of pimples stick on the cotton pad. After pulled out the egg pad, then wash face with soap and warm water, and follow with the cold water to close the pore.

 Do just one or two times a week is enough to make your nose clear and clean.

**** My friend has told me about this at the time that I'm not even twenty years old yet. I have to thank you her for shared this nose strip with me.****


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