Handmade Soap For Eczema and Skin Rash

Handmade Soap Recipe
(For dry, eczema and rash on face and body)

Years ago I desired to make my own soap, because my son and my daughter has rash, or doctor said eczema, my daughter had just a few spot; on her both arms, one spot on her leg and one be high her neck, but my son have a lot and itchy a lot, he scratches a lot while he sleeping at night.
I always bring them to the doctor, and the doctor gave them a medicine to take daily, and a cream to apply on their skin every day, but when the medicine all gone and stop using the cream, the rash is came back again, its torture for them and keep me busy all the time.

So, one day I got a book “How to make soaps” from my mom she brought the book from Thailand in Thai language, and also my neighbor making soap for sale, I ordered oatmeal soap from her with no scent, the soap is good but is not good enough for my son and my daughter, and it not healing the their rash.
So, I decided to make my own soap by mixing oatmeal with fresh tomato juice in soy soap base, my neighbor gave the soy soap base to me, and it enough to make 2 bars of soap, that because she don’t want it any more, I always thank you her for this.

Reason why I used tomato juice and oatmeal for my soap?

- I use tomato juice because tomato helps to brighten the skin
- Oatmeal is helps moister the skin and stop itchy.

The oatmeal soap I made is good but not super good, but it's heal the rash and never come back for a while I cannot remember how long, but my daughter rash be hide her neck and on the lag, never come back again, except one arm that it  itchy again, but it's not bad like what she usually has it before, the other arm is fine no problem the rash is gone.

So, after they have rash again, I asked my neighbor where did she order that soy soap base from, but she cannot remember it, because she ordered from several web site, or she like to shop around. Anyway, I decided to order the goat milk soap base instead, to make soap for my children and myself.

Let’s shorten the talking to the soap recipe.
Oh! One more thing, when you buy the soap base, consider buying all natural soap or 100% natural, if you or someone in your family have very sensitive skin or eczema.

Here are the materials that you need to make the soap:

* Big Pyrex cup for microwave safe (I used 32 fl.oz cup)

* Small measuring cup ¼ cup size

* Spray bottle

* Rubbing alcohol (Use 70%)

* Scale

* Wooden stick or wooden spoon

* Measuring Spoon

* Wax paper

* Molds
(Plastic molds and silicone molds is the best mold soap, it’s easy to release the soap out from the mold).

                       Soap Recipe For Eczema, Dry and Sensitive Skin 

                                           Goat Milk With Tomato and oatmeal Soap

This soap is also good for any skin type, I have oily skin but this soap doesn't make my face more oily. I liked this soap too.


1 lb. All natural goat milk soap base

1 table spoon grinned oatmeal

¼ cup. Fresh tomato juice

1/4 cup baking soda



1. Cut 1 pound goat milk soap base into a small pieces.

2. Extract fresh tomato with juice extractor to get a ¼ cup of tomato juice.

3. Pour boiling water over a ¼ cup oatmeal just enough to cover the oatmeal, but not to much water and grind oatmeal with tomato juice for a few second with the blender.

4. Melt soap base in the microwave for 10 second (My neighbor told me like that, and I agreed) at a time until all the soap melted to a liquid, take the soap out from a microwave.

5. Put oatmeal and tomato juice in the melted soap and stir until all the ingredients mixed well.

6. Pour the ingredients into the molds and spray with alcohol to stop the bubble on the soap. You don’t have to use alcohol to spray on the soap if you don’t want too, I don't use it, I try it before but I never use it again, to have alcohol free soap.

7. Wait until the soap dry, and harden enough to UN-mold the soap.

After you take the soap out from the molds:

*.* Lets the soap dry on the rack or on wax paper for a few hours before you wrap the soap with plastic wrap, or put in the box, or plastic bag.

*.* If it difficult to take the soap out from the mold, then put the soap in the freezer for at least 5-10 minutes, this will help the soap to release out from the mold easier.

*.* So, your soap are ready to use, and you can put one bar on the sink for hand soap and another bar for face and body in the shower.


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