Basic Face Mask

                                  Basic face mask

I believe that everyone both men and women are want to look great, beautiful, and handsome, and want to look young forever. I have some tip that can make you look great and young, but not forever, just for temporary, and I don’t think something in this world will help people stay young and beautiful forever.

If you are really care about your face and want to look great, beautiful, and young with less wrinkles, then try these easy natural face masks that you can do it yourself at home, and this is good for people whose cannot support to go to spa like riches people. I never go to spa place too.

But these home spa-basic face mask will give you a temporary beauty, so if you want to look great and beautiful every day, then you have to take good care of your skin with natural vitamins from fruits and vegetables at least 2 or 3 times a week or you can do it every day for at least 20-30 minutes, at the end of the day after you are tired from work and anything else, not me (I'm too lazy to take care myself), but I do it sometime, when I feel, I'm look old or ugly.

For Normal to oily skin

1. Yogurt: You can use yogurt alone to apply on your face, then let it dry, after yogurt dry, then you can peel it off, or washes with warm water, then follow with cold water. You can use yogurt to blend in the blender with other natural foods like;

- honey, lime, lemon, kiwi, and tomato, and mask your face.

*** Blended oatmeal with yogurt is a good face scrub or body scrub for any types of skin, especially dry and sensitive skin.

2. White egg: separate white egg from egg york then apply white egg all

over your face and wait till it dry, after the white eggs dry, wash it off with

warm water and follow with cold water then dry with tower.

3. Honey: I remember like to apply honey on my face on the time that I’m

still young, or it around my twenty,(now I’m turning 42) I apply honey on

my face because they said honey help to kill bacteria, that will cause acne on our face.

4. Cucumber: Cucumber is good to eat, but also good to use as an eye pads to help sooth and refresh tired eyes, cucumber also can use as a face mask for a brighter face and to refresh your skin.
You can use cucumber alone by slice very thin thin slices and put cucumber cover all over your face then lie down for about 30 - 45 minutes to allow your skin to absorb the vitamins from cucumber to your face skin.

*** I like to use cucumber by slice a very thin pieces and put its on

my face some time, a lot of girls like to do this, and after I took the

cucumber out from my face, it feels and look brighter and look younger

too, the face feel cool and relax.

~***~ The good cucumber for face is called Kirby, you can find at any Asian super market, or Asian grocery store, and it’s not too pricey.
You can also blend cucumber with any other kind of fruits and vegetables like example below;

*~* Kiwi
*~* You can blend it with honey
*~* Blend with yogurt
*~* Blend with carrot
*`* Blend it with tomato
*~* Lime or lemon juice

*** So, you can blend with any kinds of fruits, vegetable and/or other natural foods that you think is good for your skin type, and then apply on your face and neck then let the mask stay on your face for about 20 – 45 minutes, before you wash it off with clean water no soap or any kind of face wash that have chemical they will ruin your skin.
5. Avocado: Use ripe avocado, mashed then apply on your face for about 30 – 45 minutes then wash it off 
    with warm water and follow with cold water.
6. Papaya: Use ripe papaya and mashed to apply on your face for bright and soft skin.

~***~ If you have acne and blemish, try this recipe (I never try it yet)
Blend kiwi with honey and apply it on your face or body for 30 -45 minutes and wash it off with water.

Note *** The fruit that you should not use alone on your face are kiwi, tomato, and orange, because these three (3) fruits are high in vitamin C, your face will look bright only when you are inside the house, but if you are going out in the sun, your face will turn black and ugly, I already has that experience.

For Normal to Dry skin

~ Banana: banana is good for dry and sensitive skin, you can slice a thin layer or mashed banana and put on your face or you can blend it with other nature like….

~*~ oat meal is good for dry, sensitive and itchy skin, if you use oat meal, make sure you grinded a little bit and have to cook oat meal first by pour hot water not boiling water over the oat meal in the bowl and let it warm, you don’t need the oatmeal to well-done cooking like we are eating, just make it a little softer.

~*~ Honey is good for cleaning and killing bacteria on the skin.

~*~ Goat milk

~*~ Soy milk

~*~ Cucumber

~*~ Carrot

~*~ Yogurt

**** What you have today in your kitchen, refrigerator, or in your garden, grab one or a few, use it alone or mix it together and put it on your face for young and beautiful you. :)

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