Detox body with green smoothie

The image is my own photo work. I shoot with my Nikon D750, and a Nikkor AF-S, 24-120mm lens, 1:4 G ED, and a Speedlight flash SB-700

The past week in February 2019, I have been watching many videos about the foods that can kill the cancer cell, or cure cancer disease naturally with just by eating fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Some people cure their last stage cancer with just by eating green vegetables or make green smoothies from fresh organic green leave vegetables, some cure their cancer by drink carrot juice without chemotherapy and no taking any prescription drug.

But during the treatment time, they have to avoid foods that will help develop the cancer cells, like meat, processing meats such as hot dog, sausages and etc., seafood, dairy products like egg, cow milk, and cheese, white sugar, microwave popcorn, fry foods, also avoid eating white rice and white bread.
So I decided to detox my body with a green smoothie on my day off. The vegetable I have in my refrigerator is bok choy and gai-lan, the fruits I have is green apple and avocado, but they are not organic.
After washing all vegetables with apple cider vinegar, I use my 6 cups size blender, blend the bok choy, and gai-lan, with two small green apples, one ripe avocado, and one cup of water.
I blend everything together, but for easy blending, I put only a few hands full of vegetable, and few pieces of apple, and a cup of water into a blender and blend it until it becomes a liquid, then put more apple and about one or two hand full of vegetable at a time into the blender, and blend it until I got about five cups of smoothie, and I added one ripe avocado into a smoothie to get a creamy taste.
The taste is pretty good, I like it, my daughter like it too, she asked for more on the next day, but as it's my work day so, I'm not making it, she said I should not drink it all yesterday, haha :) :). I think it the best healthy green smoothie that everyone can drink, but the problem is it did not make me feel full all day, I still hungry and have to eat dinner even I drunk about four cups of smoothie on that day. Maybe if I add soy milk or almond milk into the smoothie, it maybe makes me feel full than just make it with just plain vegetable with water.
But next time, I will have to try organic kale and organic spinach smoothie. They said it a good vegetable to cure and prevent cancer cells to grow. I maybe have to add some oatmeal, or quinoa in a smoothie too to make me stay full and feel full longer.


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