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Thai Temple in Griffin, GA.

On Sunday, June 20, 2010

Me and my children, we went to Wat Phramahajanaka (Thai Temple in Griffin GA.), planning to go and do meditation at the temple on that day, but when we got there, the monk did not teach people to do meditation on that day, but the monk and all the other people helping the monk building big benches to use for meditation, or can use for a camp when some people come to the temple to have 8 precept at the temple for 3 days, 5 days, or 7 day.

         My daughter and my son on the left, my daughter she turned her face away from the camera.

     This is what the temple needed for the monk them self and for the monks visitor, and also for people to use for meditation, if people have to stay over night, because they want to do eight precepts at the temple, then they can set up a tent over that big bench. The monk planned to build 45 of these big bench.

   At first the monk want to hire a company to build these big bench, but the company will charge $1000.00 for eac…

Goat Milk and Oatmeal Soap

This soap is good for dry and sensitive skin Goat Milk & Oat meal Soap Recipe


1 pound, all natural goat milk Soap base

¼ cup ground Oat meal

¼ cup goat milk liquid


 First scale the soap by lay a plastic wrap on a scale, and put the soap base on the scale and weight it for 1 

1. Pour hot water over ¼ cup of oatmeal and set it a side to let it cook or you just use uncooked ground oat meal)

2. Cut 1 pound soap base into a small piece for about 1 - 2 inches for easy melting

3. Melt soap base in a microwave, and melt for 10 second at a time until all the soap are melted into a liquid.

4. Pour ground oatmeal into melted goat milk, stir with wooden stick, or wooden spoon to mix all the ingredients together.

*.* After all the ingredients mixed very well, pour the soap liquid into the soap molds, and let the soap to dry and harden before take the soap out from the soap mold to use. Save the unused soap in the zip lock bag.

Now you ha…

Basic Face Mask

Basic face mask

I believe that everyone both men and women are want to look great, beautiful, and handsome, and want to look young forever. I have some tip that can make you look great and young, but not forever, just for temporary, and I don’t think something in this world will help people stay young and beautiful forever.

If you are really care about your face and want to look great, beautiful, and young with less wrinkles, then try these easy natural face masks that you can do it yourself at home, and this is good for people whose cannot support to go to spa like riches people. I never go to spa place too.

But these home spa-basic face mask will give you a temporary beauty, so if you want to look great and beautiful every day, then you have to take good care of your skin with natural vitamins from fruits and vegetables at least 2 or 3 times a week or you can do it every day for at least 20-30 minutes, at the end of the day after you are tired from work and anything else, not me (I…

Homemade Nose Strip

Egg Pad Nose Strip
This homemade nose strips it's easy to make and safe for your skin, and also save a lot of your money, and it's help to pull out ugly pimples, or blackhead from your nose, and face area beside the nose effectively.

 I like to make my own nose strips during the summer time, than buy a nose strip on the market that’s so expensive, and it doesn't work very well, and it also hurt my nose, it peeled out my skin.

But this nose strip is cost me less than a dollar, and all I need is time, and just a little bit of white egg and one cotton ball that unfolded to make it looks like cotton pad, by make the cotton ball flat and big enough to cover the nose area, then dip a flat cotton sheet or cotton pad into the white egg until it wet, and then cover a nose and face area beside a nose, and let it dry really well before pulling it out, and wash face with soap and cold water.

Every time you do, you will need to wash your face first, before put the egg pad on your nose. …